This is the contact information of core team members of the SILO model. For general inqueries please email or call the Technische Universität München at +49 (89) 289-22699.

Rolf Moeckel Technical University of Munich rolf.moeckel [at]
Rick Donnelly WSP rick.donnelly [at]
Carlos Llorca Technical University of Munich carlos.llorca [at]
Ana Moreno Technical University of Munich ana.moreno [at]
Matthew Okrah Technical University of Munich matthew.okrah [at]
Gerrit Knaap University of Maryland gknaap [at]
Kai Nagel Technical University of Berlin nagel [at]
Dominik Ziemke Technical University of Berlin ziemke [at]


Early development of SILO was substantially supported by Greg Erhardt (now: University of Kentucky), Chris Frazier (now: Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque) and Tara Weidner (now: Oregon Department of Transportation).


The team building SILO currently included modelers of the Technical University of Munich, the Technical University of Berlin, the University of Maryland and WSP, Inc.